Website Progression

We've needed a new website for a long time, and we've finally gotten it out there! Our main philosophy / objective in getting the site up: Have a few beautiful things rather than a lot of old broken ones. In that of course there are some valuable resources that are not up yet, like the Community Jam Calendar.

Everything from the old site still exists at

We'd like your help with two things:

1. Tell us any resources which you used frequently that don't exist yet on the new site.
2. Let us know any links you find on other sites that point to our old site and are broken, for example if there is a great artciel on a major site, and it is now a broken link, we'd like to fix that.

After a few weeks of testing with the new site, we'll ask for more help in pother areas to keep making APK the best possible resource it can be for the parkour community.

Thanks for being part of APK, Together We Are The Movement

- M2

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