The Chase

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"Hi, I'm a traceur from Indiana University and I thought I would share this with you. Back in the fall, I took a class in which we made short films on cameras using actual film and edited them by cutting and taping the film together. My first project for that class was the following: The Chase

  This was originally shot on a Bolex non-reflex and then was transferred to a digital file giving it the quality it has now. Overall, it was a very interesting experience for those of us involved in the filming because it was a chance to really try to only use moves that were designed to escape in each particular situation. I also asked the actors to perform everything as fast as they were comfortable doing so. Both agreed that it was one of the best tests of how they could perform in such an emergency situation. Also, because the film was our first project in the class we were not allowed to do any editing for it so we had to carefully plan out which shots would follow the previous shot and when to start and stop rolling so that continuity and flow could preserved as much as possible. The film received positive feedback from my classmates and instructor and all were very impressed with the actors' movements. I decided to send it to you guys at APK because I thought it was very cool to see parkour through the eyes of such an old camera and because it was a lot of fun to make. I hope you enjoy it." 

Submitted by: Dylan Cashbaugh
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Sunday, 07 February 2010 02:47
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