Frosti Muses on Why we do what we do Why?

We've explained it a thousand times, over and over, trying to put into words this unexplainable, ever elusive, constantly changing entity that we are in pursuit of. Why do we tighten the laces on our trainers, step out in the the streets of our towns, why do we lean down to smell the pavement, grind our toes into dirty ledges, slide our hands along metal rails? What is it that sleeps inside us, waiting until we let it out on those streets? Why do we risk the pain of missed attempts, the possibility of death and disaster, why do we keep running toward it instead of away from it? Are we junkies for the scars? Perhaps, but there is more to it than that, because this drive that shifts us from mild mannered Peter Parker's to concrete crawling Spider-men is there with all of us, it's a trait found in every single traceur in the world. The need to overcome, to excel, to exceed. With every step we take we try to make it better than the last, because we only get so many steps. We know that the end of our path lies somewhere out there and parkour gives us a reason to go out and improve on where we were yesterday, to live today so that tomorrow we can take it another step farther. Because what is life if you get up every morning and do the same thing, why get up at all if everyday you did exactly what you did the day before? Through parkour we are utilizing not even everyday, but every single thing we do, we have made every movement into an art, the art of movement.

So are we running wild in the knowledge of our own mortality, risking the life that we have? No, parkour puts our own existence in our hands, we are controlling our paths, instead of waiting for some disaster we have trained ourselves to accept the way the world is and overcome our own anxieties and disagreements with it. As a constantly evolving identity, parkour allows us, the traceurs, to change with it, ever growing, ever advancing to a perfection which we shall never reach, and that is what drives us. This sport, this art, this discipline we follow, that we find consuming our thoughts, compelling us to think it, see it, breathe it, wherever we go, has not only become a driving force in our lives, but has given us a way to live our lives, with harmony. It is not a confrontation with death we seek, but a connection with life. And for that link to exist we must interact with it, so as long as we still can we must move. So when they ask: "Why?" we can answer: "Because I am here."
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Written by Frosti   
Friday, 04 November 2005 13:43
Last Updated on Monday, 13 December 2010 21:39