MonkEE see, MonkEE say (January)

By Brandee Laird


      Hey! --Have you jumped today?

      Did you somehow end up with your hands on the ground, feet on a railing, or body sliding through--If you didn't, you may have seen places-then-images of what you could do. Drew a path in your mind regarding what was around you as defined by your sight; will you go back tonight to make that line true? Draw yourself over that space with movements quiet and low, pushing and pulling where your steps are few.

      If you don't go, do you consider being there? Still running sequences, planning your ways. Do you keep scapes in your mind to visualize possibilities, go to them on off days? Places of thought made from images of places you've been, the knowledge of what your body can do, and the ever intent to increase those two factors.

      --It feels good, never quite letting go of future days, attaching clear intent to direct you through times and spaces, across hard-cut cemented down lines. Thinking and planning--educatedly guessing the challenge approaching, setting so many goals from your bed, in your head, because your body wants to move. Knowing that, when you get out there, all your plans can change completely, that you'll train yourself, but the environment will also train you.

      All that time spent thinking of what to do when moving, cataloguing motions that will help you get there. The training along with the concentration when away, always watching, always wondering, keeping that intent ready for any space...It looks a lot like you're going to get somewhere.

      Where are you planning to go?

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Written by Janine   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 14:10
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