Perspective #3- Chris Kessler

New Year’s Perspective

By Chris Kessler




     My strength has grown in the past year in a way that I never thought possible. When I say strength, I don’t mean purely physical power. Rather, I mean my determination, my willingness to learn and to listen to others, and my openness to new experiences. It has been a tough year for me, through anxiety, financial issues, and just pure stress. However, I sit here writing this article, hopeful for the future. Nothing will hold me down. Nothing will hold me back.


Hopeful Experiences:


     One thing that I have yet to do is to go to a massive jam. This is mainly due to my lack of funds, but that’s definitely an excuse. The real reason is that I have let social anxiety rule my life for the past few years and I have not let myself enjoy life to the fullest. Being a part of the contributing staff to “The Freerunner” has changed my life and let me reach out to thousands of people. Yet, none of these people would know me by my face, my voice, or my movement. My words may reach you, the readers, but I want to meet you, all of you if that is possible.  Together we are the future of this art we call parkour, and together we make up American Parkour. There is no central “APK,” because we are all traceurs, and we are all Americans. I want to share the next year with all of you.

     Along with sharing, I want to continue teaching and striving to help others. I will be a senior at Virginia Tech next year and I want to feel like I have done something, made some kind of mark on those around me. Now, don’t think me vain, because that is not the message I want to get across. I want, no need, to have people able to look to me for help. I used to be the beginner, afraid to move, intimidated by those around me. I was closed off to parkour because I was scared of it. This is just another level of the fear that we all face in our training.  As my college career comes to an end I want to create a Virginia Tech Parkour club that is as strong a community as APK. There is nothing greater than cooperative friendship, and that is something we should all strive for.

     While teaching may be one of my passions, moving and training is something that I cannot live without. I want to progress more than I ever have in 2010. I never deal with naming things: parkour, free running l’add it is all the same to me. However, I have always lacked the confidence to do those, “free running,” movements outside. This is something that I will change next year. Not only to better myself, but to better my ability to pass on the knowledge of movement to those around me. As we progress in this art, we have the duty to guide the next generation. “ Be strong to be useful. ” As we become stronger, we become more useful, whether we intended to or not. I urge each and every one of us not to waste our talents, our heart, our strength, simply on ourselves. Parkour is ours to share, not to horde.




     We have risen and fallen together throughout our collective experiences as traceurs, freerunners, tricksters, and humans. Whatever we call ourselves, we all move. Let us move as one into this, the New Year. I have just turned 20 years old and spent 17 of those ignorant to that which is parkour. I intend to make up for that in the next 20. I have never had a real New Year’s resolution, nor have I had the confidence in myself to follow through with one. But, this year I will give myself one. No, I will give all of us one:


     I will spend every second, minute, hour, day, week, and month living life to the fullest. I will put my heart into everything that I do, and when I want to give up, I will push further. I refuse to stop pushing this year.


     If this second, this one single second, moment, day, month was your life… what would you do? Would you spend it wishing that you were the best? Would you shrug your shoulders and hang up your trainers? Or would you lace them tighter, and face the world. I know what I would do. Now what would you do?


     As you finish reading this article, I urge all of you to start the year off right. There is still a foot of snow outside of my door, but I’m going to train. Will you?

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