Le Parkour, A Poem

Le Parkour, By Jeremy Boyd


Fog descends from the sky to blind my judgment
Forgetting all I’ve learned with my time past spent
Incorporating my will, or what I have left to give
For this freedom from fear, this freedom to live

So forward I strive, one step and then another
Motivation geared for myself and my brothers.
Steady beat, steady pace, time seems to slow
Then I explode, dodging, moving high and low

Reaching feats that were thought un-reachable
Never knowing quite what I was capable.
Limitless I seem, jumping without showing fear
Reaching the gap that seem not so near.

Running towards a destination that I did not set
Keeping pace, going as fast as my body will let
Up in the air, looking down, aiming for the right spot,
Landing impact, rolling though, running, didn’t stop.

Need to slow down, out of breath, lungs aflame
Feeling what will be tomorrow’s triumphant pain.
Legs rubbery, losing my balance, my arms tire
Wrists are stiff, ankles crack, knees burning fire.

Worth it all, freedom’s price, pleasure and pain intertwined
Sweat clings everywhere, no greater feeling shall I ever find.
Time passed quickly while I was occupied with my run
All would I give, all that I have just to keep this youthful fun.

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Written by Nem   
Sunday, 13 November 2005 13:25
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