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Written by Aaron Wilz   
Sunday, 13 September 2009 00:00
American Parkour Videos

We host all of our Freerunning and Parkour Videos, tutorials, Demo Reels, and Professional reels at YouTube. We've also put together a few lists of videos we feel are "must see" parkour and freerunning videos that aren't necessarily on the American Parkour Youtube pages, things like videos of David Bell, Sebastien Foucan, and the Yamakasi as well as some clips from some of the famous movies like "Yamakasi", "District B-13", "Casino Royale" and more ...

If you'd like to submit your video to APK, please do that on the APKcommunity Youtube page, you'll automatically be entered in our monthly contest!



Classic videos from the olden days!

Must See

Must See

These videos you MUST see if you're a traceur.

Parkour Guides

Parkour Guides

Useful guides to help you with Parkour basics.

Freerunning Guides

Freerunning Guides

Useful guides to help you with your Freerunning path.



When the community jams, we JAM.



Individuals are proud of their work, so we showcase them!


This is where we keep a list of the videos that we feel have truly earned the title of classic. These are the videos that inspired us, and while their may be something bigger or better out there now, we think these can still inspire you too.

Seb - Angry Chicken

One of the first spots to show parkour in prime-time media, Sebastien Foucan in theoringal Nike commercial.

Best of David Belle

A compilation of one of freerunning and parkour's forefather's, this video is the highlight reel of a lifetime of training and dedication.

Casino Royale Chase Scene

Sebastien Foucan Kicked off this 2006 Hollywood blockbuster with a unforgettable chase scene that helped bring parkour and freerunning even further into the American public eye.


These clips from their film self titled film "Yamakasi" show some of the original masters of movement at work.

David Belle - Rush Hour

David Belle owns the London rooftops in this clip from a BBC One campaign.

David Belle - SpeedAirMan

Another one of David Belle's must-see classic videos.

On Avance Toujours et Vous?

This classic video featuring David Belle and Cyril Raffellli took the internet by storm and has been the starting point for many a tracuer or freerunner's journey.

B13 - Chase Scene

This clip from the parkour cult classic "B13" has David belle navigating some serious rooftop terrain in order to escape his pursuers.

Must See

While not all videos meet the criteria to be called a "Classic" there are many more that have had a significant impact on the parkour/freerunning communities and their growth, have earned a special place of recognition, and are absolutely Must See.

"Russian Climbing" Dvinsk Clan

Mislabeled or not, This is probably the most popular parkour/freerunning video of all time, staring none other than Oleg Vorslav of Latvia


Filmed and edited by Mike Yamrus,This video is a throwback to APK's early days, featuring future Tribe Members Brian, Gear, Leon and Skipper

My Name Is Daneil Ilabaca

Maybe not true classic, but a phenomenal video none the less, Danny Ilabaca uses his fantastic abilities to tell you who he is, and why you should care.

Levi Meeuwenberg - Supermoves

This earlier video of Levi Meeuwenberg stands as one of the first great demonstrations of Freerunning in America

Two Brother's Free Running

This video is an amazing display of the freerunning prowess that would lay the foundation for even greater feats of skill by Cole and Chase Armitage

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