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A really great collection of parkour sketches by "Puolukkapiirakka" on DeviantArt.

Just click the thumbnail for the full 1600 x 1200 resolution wallpaper!

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1. 30-05-2008 06:58

This is an awesome set of sketches, I just put it up as my own backdrop. This probably wasn't intended, but I like how the sketches are all crammed together and that there's so much movement shown in a relatively small space, I feel like it kinda represents the amount of energy involved in Parkour. 
Again, damn cool 8)

2. 05-06-2008 01:14

Noice, glad you like it!

3. 17-03-2009 13:45

this is totally amazing :) i absolutely love how it captures the elements of parkour..and i ahven;t been doing parkour for that long and i know that this is a very good picture of the way it is :) :)

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