The Pull-Up

The Pull-Up is one of the most functional exercises around, combining strength, power and coordination in a movement that most untrained individuals struggle to complete. For a Traceur, however, the skills gained from the pull-up are of utmost importance.

1.) Hang from the bar, arms at full extension. Hands can be facing towards or away from you. Mix it up to balance out muscular development, but spend more time on the grip that is weakest.

2.) Tilt your head back and pick a spot on the ceiling. Pay attention to shortening this line through the range of motion.

3.) Start the pull by engaging your upper back muscles, opening your chest and bringing your shoulder-blades closer together.

4.) Rather than thinking of bending your arms, imagine pushing your elbows towards the ground, this keeps your back engaged.

5.) Pull the bar to your chest, elbows tucked into your body. This ensures that you recruit the maximum amount of available muscles, rather than just your biceps.


6.) Lower completely to full extension. Repeat. For workouts that involve exercises for time, the kipping pull-up helps maximize power output over a given time frame. It also improves full body coordination in a wholly functional way.

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Written by Jesse Woody   
Friday, 04 November 2005 11:40
Last Updated on Thursday, 07 February 2008 07:38