WOD 7-16-13

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APK WOD 7-16-13

It's that time again!

Handstand Training

The handstand is and advanced bodyweight exercise and skill that takes a long, long time to master. Practice must be consistant and frequent in order to make progress. It's recommended that the handstand is practiced at least a few minutes every day. Start by walking the feet up the wall with the chest toward the wall, or kicking up against the wall with theback towards it and letting the heels make contact. If the strength to hold up the body with the arms is the limiting factor, do decline push-ups, raising the feet gradually above the head by resting them on higher and higher platforms. A spotter can also be employed to help hold up the ankles.

Use these exercises to help with the handstand, and use the advanced variations if the handstand is already under control.







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Written by Travis Noble Graves   
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:40